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News Articles

June 15th, 2011 - SECUTOR® SYSTEMS completes development of its newest MLS product, the DataVault Thin Client (TC.)
SECUTOR® SYSTEMS completed development of its Multi-Level Security Thin Client Project, the DataVault TC is a custom assembled Thin Client consisting of between two and four Thin Client Computing Modules and an Integrated Secure KVM Module. At time of order, SECUTOR® SYSTEMS assembles the units to the number of secure and isolated security domains required by the customer. The DataVault Thin Client can operate as a traditional thin client or as a zero state client.
April 12, 2011 - SECUTOR® SYSTEMS delivers to Northrop Grumman Corporation an Improved Multi-Function Workstation (iMFWS) for incorporation into the Army DCGS Mobile Version 4.0 System.
SECUTOR® SYSTEMS completed development, testing, and delivery of the first iMFWS to NGC, Linthicum Maryland. The new iMFWS improves the performance of the older MFWS by incorporating the latest Intel architecture and i5/i7 CPUs. Also improved upon was a significant reduction in weight from 72lbs to 38 lbs and a 1/3 reduction in volume significantly decreasing the transportation requirements of the Army DCGS program.
January 24th, 2011 - SECUTOR® SYSTEMS Tests Newest Line of DataVault Computers for Power CPU and Graphics Intensive Workstation Solutions.
SECUTOR® SYSTEMS completed testing of its newest addition to its DataVault line of computers. The DataVault xTreme 5.0 integrates Intel's newest architecture hosting the Itanium i7 Extreme Quad Processor coupled with PNY's NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics adaptor. This computer benchmarks at a score of over 5600 for CPU and over 1400 for Graphics in PassMark Benchmark. The DataVault xTreme continues to exhibit the same "GREEN" electrical power characteristics of the entire DataVault line yet delivers the CPU and Graphics required for intensive data, video, and graphics rich computing environments for DoD surveillance and targeting software solutions.
SECUTOR® SYSTEMS shipped a custom configuration of DataVault x4.4 multi-level security computers to Photon Research Associates for integration into a classified USAF government program. These custom computers were designed and manufactured to Photon Research requirements in less than a month in keeping with SECUTOR® SYSTEMS's excellent customer response and engineering capabilities. SECUTOR® SYSTEMS continues to collaborate with Photon Research on further improvements to the demanding computing environment being integrated for the DoD.
November 16, 2010 - SECUTOR® SYSTEMS develops new, improved chassis for the DataVault line of computers.
SECUTOR® SYSTEMS completed development of its new, common chassis for all computers in the DataVault Workstation line. The new chassis maintains the dimensions of the older DataVault line but incorporates improved EMI and data separation as a result in improvements in the mechanics of the chassis. Additionally, the improvements reduce the overall weight and significantly increase the overall strength of the assembly.

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