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DataVault Thin Client
  Patent Pending

SECUTOR® DataVault Thin Client TC
Thin and Zero State Client Line of Multi-Level Security Computers

  • Multi-Level Security Thin Client and Zero State Client—UNCLASS to TS/SCI
  • Modular Assembly Available in Two, Three, or Four Domain Models
  • Integrated Secure KVM

Product Summary
- As the Government moves towards more secure IT operating environments, the DataVault Thin Client (TC) and Zero State Client line of computers is the security choice when multi-level security computing is required. Highly power efficient, the DataVault offers substantial electrical power and cooling savings while data is safely secured in your server facility. SECUTOR's ® Patent Pending approach to MLS has resulted in a modular Thin Client consisting of multiple computing modules coupled with an integrated secure PS2 KVM module, custom configured at assembly into a configuration to support two, three, or four security domains. Configured with Compact Flash as a true thin client, the DataVault TC can support a variety of Thin Client software approaches from Wyse to Citrix. Without Compact Flash, the DataVault TC is an ideal configuration for a Zero State Client. The DataVault cleans up the office environment with a single small footprint to support all of your security classifications. Under locked rear cover, the DataVault TC can be configured to support USB, RS-232/422/485, fiber or copper network interfaces and the new Fortress Suite B wireless cards .

Download Our DataVault Thin Client Product Brochure in PDF

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