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DataVault x Series Workstation
  Patent Pending

  • Operate Safely, Securely, and Simultaneously in up to 3 Security Domains—UNCLASS to TS/SCI
  • Conserve up to 2/3 the electrical power of a commodity grade computer solution
  • Reduce heat loading on environment
  • Improve access control to system and peripherals
  • EAL 4 Certified by NIST/NSA CCEVS for secure and unsecure operations and access control

Product Summary - The DataVault line of computers is designed to make users more efficient allowing them secure and controlled access to three security domains simultaneously. Operating in either a 32 or 64 bit Intel x86 architecture, the DataVault packs the computing power necessary for users who must operate in three security domains simultaneously. Power efficient, the DataVault conserves power by reducing electrical demand to 2/3s that of an equivalent commodity grade computer solution. Clean up the office workspace by eliminating costly computers and unmanaged wires—the DataVault eliminates costly desktop wiring with an integrated MLS computing solution including a SECURE keyboard/mouse or keyboard/video/mouse switch inside a single ATX Mid-Tower chassis. The DataVault has integrated ACCESS CONTROL for operation, chassis access, and peripheral connections allowing only authorized personnel to operate the computer, access components, or make physical connections. All critical components are built to high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) specifications ensuring long term reliability in the most demanding tactical applications. Chassis modular design allows future upgrades to motherboard, CPU and memory without disposing of the entire computer investment; simply upgrade the modular motherboard/CPU module quickly and efficiently. Aluminum .080" chassis is rugged and suitable for the tactical as well as the office environment.

All SECUTOR® products are manufactured with GREEN inherent in their design. Our DataVault draws less power and impacts the cooling environment less than any other office or tactical computer on the market. Let us help you in achieving your LEED and energy saving goals.

Complete Line of DataVault MLS Computers
  Patent Pending

Custom Configurations
SECUTOR® will customize the configuration for any computer from including different configurations in each of the three domains. Customer may specify a variety of I/O configurations for video, USB, COM ports, and NICs. Turnaround of custom orders is normally under 90 days.

SECUTOR® Components
SECUTOR® uses industrial components in all critical areas of our computers to ensure the highest MTBF rates in the industry. Our products are supported for between 5 and 7 years from inception, the longest in the industry. All of SECUTOR cabling is custom made to ensure secure connections and quality throughput.

DataVault Model CPU Memory Video HDD DVD/CD Target Application Options
DataVault x4.4 Intel Core 2 DUO 4GB DDRIII Onboard Intel GM45 Seagate Momentus 325GB Sony 8x DVD-RW MS Office Applications 32 or 64 Bit OS Optical Network Interface
DataVault x4.5 Intel Core Itanium i5 4GB DDRIII Onboard Intel Gen 5.75 XVGA & 2XHDMI Seagate Momentus 325GB Sony 8x DVD-RW MS Office Applications, Management and General Engineering 32 or 64 Bit OS Optical Network Interface, 8GB Memory, NVIDIA FX600 Video Adaptor
DataVault x4.5 iMFWS - Improved Multi-Function Workstation Intel Core Itanium i5 8GB DDRIII NVIDIA NVS 300 Business Class Dual Screen w/8X4 Video MUX Seagate Momentus 325GB Sony 8x DVD-RW Command and Control and Display Applications 64 Bit OS Optical Network Interface
DataVault xTreme 5.0 Power Workstation Intel Core Itanium i7 Extreme Quad 8GB DDRIII NVIDIA Quadro FX4000 OCZ 128GB Solid State Drive and Momentus 325GB Sony 8x DVD-RW Exceeds USAF Benchmarks for DCGS Mobile Computing Solution Optical Network Interface, Intel Itanium 940XM Extreme Quad

Download Our Workstations Product Brochure in PDF

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